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Published Jul 23, 21
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95 for a landline system plus $10 a month for a cellular connection, Alert1’s in-home systems are more expensive than some of its peers. Alert1 does offer a discount for those who pay for their device on an annual basis, bringing the cost down over $100 per year. Alert1’s lowest score was in the Mobile Systems category.

95 per month, one of the most expensive options among the companies we reviewed. The company does offer a discount for those who pay annually, bringing the monthly cost down to $36. 95. Alert1 ranked the highest in Cost Transparency of all companies we reviewed, earning a perfect score of 10/10.

95, and the voice extender costs $99. Life, Station Review Life, Station is one of the top ten most affordable medical alert companies of those that we reviewed. Its in-home device is one of the least expensive on the market, and its mobile system is priced slightly better than average.

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The In-Home has a range of 1,000 feet and a 48-hour backup battery, and includes one waterproof wearable help button. The In-Home Traditional costs $21 - comparison medical alert systems. 95 a month with a Standard payment package. Customers may also choose Select or Supreme packages, which come with additional features (apple watch). The Select package costs $26.

95 a month with a Standard package. The Select and Supreme packages cost $35. 95 and $45. 95, respectively. The packages are the same for all Life, Station devices. Mobile LTE is Life, Station’s portable device option. The waterproof, lightweight system weighs about 2 ounces and is worn around the neck.

The battery lasts up to 5 days between charges. The device costs $37. 95 with a Standard plan. The Select and Supreme plans cost $42. 95 and $47. 95 a month, respectively. Life, Station’s lower score in this category is mainly due to a $50 activation fee for their Mobile LTE device.

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Neither of Life, Station’s other two devices require any one-time fees, and all packages for all devices include free shipping. Life, Station’s in-home system is the second most affordable of the companies we reviewed, at $21. mobile systems. 95 per month. There is an extra fee of $9 for the cellular-connected model, which is on par with the industry average - medical alert systems walmart.

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Life, Station’s Mobile LTE costs $37. 95 per month, which is slightly more affordable than average. The company lost points in this category because it does not offer any discounts for annual payment periods like many of its competitors do. The category in which Life, Station scored the worst is Cost Transparency.

Life, Station sales representatives are very forthcoming with this information if interested customers call the number listed on the website. Still, there is no way to sign up for service with Life, Station or fully understand its pricing without calling a representative. Life, Station received an average score for the cost of their add-ons.

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Its Mobile LTE device also includes on-demand location tracking at no extra cost. Its selection of other add-ons is very limited, and it does not offer any discounts. Response, Now Review Rounding out the top 10 most affordable medical alert companies is Response, Now. Response, Now offers one in-home device and two mobile devices, all at affordable prices.

It includes a waterproof wearable help button that may be worn as a pendant or wristband, and a base station with a 24-hour backup battery and range of 500 feet. In the Home costs $29. 95 a month when paid for monthly. Quarterly and annual plans are also available, and cost a few dollars less per month.

This mobile device uses AT&T’s cellular network, so it works nearly anywhere in the United States. The battery lasts up to 30 days on a single charge. The system costs $39. 95 a month with a monthly plan, or slightly less per month with a quarterly or annual payment plan.

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95 a month with a monthly plan. Quarterly and annual plans, which cost a few dollars less per month, are also available. There are no device, activation, or installation fees for the In the Home device. However, both Belle devices come with a $35 activation fee for all customers, regardless of which payment plan they choose.

Customers who choose the monthly payment plan also have to pay $14. 95 for shipping. Quarterly and annual payment plans for all three devices include free ground shipping. Response, Now’s in-home device, In the Home, costs $29. 95 a month with a monthly plan, which is on the higher end for the industry but on par with other companies we reviewed.

The quarterly plan brings the monthly cost down to $27. 95, and the yearly plan costs $24. 95 a month. The Belle and Belle+ devices are priced slightly higher than the industry average. Belle costs $39 - monthly cost. 95 a month with a monthly plan, but is less expensive with quarterly and annual plans.

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95 a month, and the annual plan saves users even more money with a monthly cost of $34. 95. The Belle+ costs $49 (emergency services). 95 a month with a monthly plan, which is much higher than mobile devices from other medical alert companies, but it also is available at a discounted price for customers who pay for longer periods.

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95 a month, and the annual plan costs $44. 95 a month. Response, Now has the base prices for all of its devices, including the different prices for all three payment plans, clearly listed on its website. It also is upfront about the $35 activation fee for the Belle devices, and has that price listed in several places on its website.

Additionally, there is no FAQ page, so potential customers will likely need to call a sales representative with any questions. Some of Response, Now’s add-on devices are more expensive than other medical alert companies. Fall detection costs an additional $11. 95 a month for the In the Home device, while most companies charge $10 a month.

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These fee types are explained below. Some companies charge one-time startup fees that customers must pay upon signing up for monitoring service. This includes device, activation, installation, and shipping fees, and for some companies, they can total over $100. Other than shipping, these are fairly uncommon, so if you are trying to avoid costly startup fees you do have options.

However, for companies that do still charge a cancellation fee, the cost can be extremely high. Some companies also may not charge a direct cancellation fee, but can penalize customers for cancellation by charging restocking fees for leased devices. Many also require that customers pay for return shipping when returning their devices, although this fee rarely exceeds $15.

Cost transparency is key to fully understanding what you are signing up for and how much you will be billed each month. Ideally, a company should have all costs related to monitoring service, startup fees, and the cost of add-on devices or features clearly listed on their website. You may also want to call a company to confirm the prices on the website are accurate or to get more clarity before you sign up for service. help button.

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If the pricing structure is very confusing, it is not listed anywhere on the website, or the customer support representative tries to dodge your questions about specific fees and costs, it is a sign that the company may not be completely honest about their pricing. One way that companies can trick customers into hidden fees is through their contracts and cancellation policies, so be sure you are clear on those before signing up for service.

For example, take a look at the following example: has a monthly monitoring cost of $30 for the first year, no startup costs, and offers a wall-mounted help button for an extra $10 a month. Additionally, the company offers the first month for free when you pay for a year at a time, so the total starting cost is $0.

charges $35 a month, but it requires startup fees of $75. A wall-mounted help button costs another $50, for a total startup cost of $160. Here’s what you could expect to pay over 5 years for both companies. While total cost for year 1 was about $100 cheaper, by year two the amount of money paid to was about $80 more than the amount paid to By the 5-year mark, charged over $600 more than .

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